When you are currently dating a Latina or just aiming to, you ought to know some important
things to avoid misunderstandings and deal breakers. Do not just settle for less if you really
want to tie a knot with her. In order to keep her, you better do EVERYTHING in your highest
power. Here are few of the things that you must keep in mind:



  • Make it official by asking. Though they won’t say it, Latinas would love it if you are certain and clear in your
    intention. They will love it more  if you exert extra efforts in asking her to be officially
    yours. Making it a big scene is what they are usually into. They don’t like vague
    intentions.they love straightforward ways of wooing and courtship.

  • Buy her roses from a man in the freeway exit. When she gets off from work, it would be lovely if you buy her roses from a flower
    man in the street or along the way to her workplace. They love surprises and consider
    the act as romantic. That will surely give relaxation from a stressful day at work.

  • Learn how to dance. She will find you attractive if you get to learn a few dance moves since they are really
    into dancing. She will be more glad if you try to dance with her during a big
    celebration at her place while her entire family is watching.

  • Eat a lot. Latin women used to eat a lot. They wouldn’t like it if you tell her you are on a diet.
    That would really be disappointing. When you date a Latina, be sure to finish your
    plate and compliment the food when dining. Eat as much as you can and never
    refuse to eat what your Latina girlfriend cooks.


  • Ask her out on instagram. Never ever try to ask her out over an instagram comment or whatever.
    If you want to, call her. She wants to be you future wife and not just some side chick
    you used to play with. In addition, her family won’t like you if you reach to her with
    that kind of manner. Approach her with poise and respect.

  • Surprise her with ‘carnations’ and/or ‘baby’s breath’ bouquet.
    Don’t just come along bringing her a baby’s breath bouquet and/or carnations because for every Latina, those are the cheapest flowers you could ever give.

  • Never be anti-social. When you are with her family and friends, never try to be anti-social. Latin women
    are very outgoing and friendly. With that being said, they expect you to be the same.
    Seeing their boyfriend quiet and not socializing with their peers is the most irritating
    scene for them.

  • Never say you’re on a diet. When you are dining in a fancy restaurant with a Latina, never ever say you are on
    a diet because they won’t like it; more so if you are in a big celebration with her family.
    Latin women are fond of cooking, thus, they will feel bad if you refuse to eat.

Those are just few of the things you need to bear in mind when dating single Latin girls.
Try out those mentioned above and see for yourself if those are effective to keep
your Latina girlfriend. Dating a Latina may be back-breaking but you need to remember
this line: once you win her heart, get ready to embrace genuine love and prosperity in life.


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