beach-beautiful-female-1124093Alt. Text: A Latin woman in the beach opening her arms wide.

When it comes to exquisite beauty of women, Latinas are undeniably an ace. The Latin countries are blessed with several of the most beautiful women in the planet. Their perfectly-tanned skin, curvaceous body and the way these women carry themselves in the crowd are the characteristics that make men turn their heads. Latin women may have enticing looks but what makes men fall for them is their inner disposition, something which is beyond their physical appearance. These Latinas are loving and nurturing in many ways. They give out their best when it comes to relationships; more so, they’re great cooks and homemakers too!

The qualities Latin women possess make men seek after them for marriage. Yes, these ladies are wooed by men from across the globe due to their alluring qualities; thus, once you date them, a long-term relationship is guaranteed and marriage will always be on the table. Indeed, these ladies are for keeps and there is no turning back if you start dating her. Hence, before you do so, it is important that you know the following before you date a Latina:


  • Latinas love to eat.


Eating is something that Latinas love as much as glamming up. They are by far among the great number of women who love to eat, and as much as they love to eat, they delight in cooking as well. Thus, be prepared to have your stomach full of savory food as this is one of the things that make men fall in love with. As they always say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”


  • Latinas are never late, you’re just early.


You may want to add an additional timezone in your watch if you plan to date a Latina — the Latino Standard Time. Latinas live in a world where time runs on Latino standard time, which basically means that you have to be extra patient. If a Latina tells you she will be ready at 8PM, it’s just safe to assume that she’ll be all set at 9PM. Yes, many Latinas take at least 30 minutes to be ready.


  • Latinas dress to kill.


There is no such thing as “dressing casually” with Latin women. Latinas are very particular with what they wear. These women take the time to doll themselves up as they go to movies, dinner, or even just in hanging out with friends or family members. So yes, waiting for them to show up is totally worth the effort.


  • Latinas are incredibly passionate.


Basically, Latinas are social beings. Do not mistake her friendliness for flirting. Culturally, there is a low probability for Latino women to be casually promiscuous; being intimate outside of a relationship is close to nonexistent in the Latin culture. It is just natural for a Latina to be playful, kind and likeable. It is her innate confidence that makes her sociable.


  • Latinas don’t like to be described as condiments.


It is a given act that Latinas are hot, caliente, spicy and feisty, but, for them, these words are used to describe condiments. Their quality of being “hot” maybe too glaring, but just use safer words so as not to offend her. You can describe her as “alluring”, “enticing”, “lovely” or you can opt other appropriate and more respectful descriptions.


  • Latinas have a strong personality.


Latinas are indeed feisty (don’t call her this, ever). They are strong-willed individuals who know how to stand for themselves and for what they think is right. They will speak out what’s in their minds out and do not hold back especially when it comes to the people she loves. They are sass, guts and passion all in one.


  • Latinas are fond of taking good care of people and be taken care of.


Latin women enjoy taking care of their families, friends and partners but they also love to be taken care of. It does not mean that they have to be treated like a queen, a princess or a baby. This does not also mean that you have to be their servant. You don’t have to do exaggerated things for them because for most Latinas, little things greatly matter, such as opening the door for them or visiting them at home. Once you take good care of a Latina woman, she’s going to make sure that no one can take care of you like she does. She will love you immensely and passionately.


  • Latinas are extremely close to their families.


Part of the Latin culture is their close family ties. Expect that she will always put her family first. If she has to choose between going out on a dinner date with you  and her dad calling her to see her, she’d definitely choose the latter. This only goes to show that Latinas are family-oriented and if she decides to introduce you to her family prior to your date, that means you have a great chance of winning her. This is also her way of making you see the culture, traditions and values she practices in order for you to understand and respect her more.

The most important thing you need to know before you go on a date with Latinas is that these ladies love to be themselves. They love their culture and they love who they are. Being a Latina means everything to her and that is something beautiful about these ladies. They are true to their color and expect that to endure until the end. They do not need to be someone outside of their culture because they are confident and proud to be a Latina and that’s what keeps them truly gorgeous.


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